Youngstown All Breed Training Club, Inc.

Youngstown All Breed Training Club (YABTC) instructs the human student to instruct their dog. We offer classes such as agility, conformation, obedience and rally. Some of our student's dogs go on to become therapy dogs, some work in water and land rescue, some become more adept at herding livestock, some become companions in hunting, some receive numerous titles and become nationally ranked in obedience and agility. Most become the family dog that you have always dreamed of owning. They become a dog that is welcome in the community and in any home.

YABTC is housed is a heated building that is nearly 16,000 square feet, with cushioned matting throughout. We offer classes for all breeds of dogs. If your dog is AKC registered, or rescued from a local shelter, we have a class for you. Puppies can start puppy class as young as 10 weeks and we have also taught many whose dogs are almost teenagers when they begin. Call 330 398-9270 or E-mail for obedience & rally. For agility, email or call 330-717-9059


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13210 Mahoning Avenue — P.O. Box 397
North Jackson, OH 44451

(West of Baily Road., Across from the water tower.)



4, 5   Scent trial (premium)
6   Board meeting
20   General meeting (March minutes)
26   Tug toy making (flyer)
1, 2   FAST Cat (premium)
3   Board Meeting
21, 22, 23   Agility trial (premium)
29, 30   FAST Cat (Premium)
1   Dues are Due
1   Board Meeting
7   Rally Fun Match (Flyer)
    Set up like Nationals
5   Board Meeting
17, 18   Scent Trial (Premium)




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